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You never know what life might throw at you. But you can be sure happiness will follow if you decide what really matters and set about crafting a little corner of the world that’s just right.
Having over a decade working in retail I decided it was finally time to give my own store a crack. So off I trotted down the winding garden path to becoming a small business owner (not for the faint hearted). To leave behind the comforts of having a 9-5 with holiday and sick pay to follow my passion and chase a dream I’ve had for such a long time.
An in doing so These Humble Eaves was born. To create something truly meaningful to me — a refuge from the noisy modern world, filled with exquisite gifts and homewares that bring people together. A place where time slows down and distractions fade away as you savour all the sublime details that make life beautiful.
From just an Instagram account set up in 2020 and a lifelong dream in to opening both a brick-and-mortar and online store, I’m incredibly proud to make These Humble Eaves a reality. I hope my store becomes a much-loved part of your life too.
Steph x 
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